Take those few seconds to have
the children stop what they're
doing and look at the camera and
During class celebrations, try to
take the time to go to your next
door classrooms and get some
pictures of the other classes.
Please label your emails with the
grade level and/or teacher's
name of the pictures you're
Have at least 4 to 5 (or more)
children in your photo.

Pictures with only one child, although they
might be cute, limit the amount of children
in the yearbook overall.
Don't wait to send in your photos!

Believe it or not, the yearbook is already
underway and is beginning to take shape now.  
Plus, the book takes shape depending on what
types of photos we have.  Last, if you wait till the
deadline to send in all of your photos from the
entire year, chances are, most of them won't
make it in the yearbook because those layouts
from earlier in the year are already complete.
Yearbook Committee Chairs:
Amy Backer & Juliet Hodge
Follow these tips when taking your photos:
Riverside Elementary PTO
11450 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071
Yearbook needs the most help
with photo submissions! If you take
photos during the school year,
please submit them to the
yearbook. We ask that you kindly
send your full-size (high res)
photos to our email:
Purchase your yearbook earlier this year
at our $25.00 Early Bird price!
Pictures with children looking down at a table or working on
a project, although it captures what they are doing, do not
look good in the yearbook.  Pictures with kids facing the
camera and smiling, look best!
A lot of times we have one class with that great mom that's
there for every event and we get great pictures from that
class.  Unfortunately, there are classes we never get
pictures of.  If everyone that's at a classroom celebration
makes it a point to go next door and take a few pictures, we
can include more children in the yearbook.
We do recognize a lot of children, but it's impossible for us
to know every single child.  We want candid shots to end up
on the right pages, so please label your emails.