Riverside Elementary PTO
11450 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071
"PTOs don't live to fundraise,
they fundraise to live."
We also have easy at-home options all year long
such as box tops, shoparoo & our No Hassle
Fundraiser (which is as hassle-free as its name
insinuates.) Simply click on the fundraiser you'd
like to know more about.
Research shows that when parents get
involved in their children's education, the
children do better in school and the school
as a whole becomes more successful.
This year, we are concentrating
our efforts into two main
fundraisers: The Local Funbook
and our Fun Run! We want
them to be as successful as
possible and would love 100%
parent participation! Find out
more about them by clicking on
either logo below.